What Do We Share?

As people living together, we share a lot. We share the air we breathe, the things we do, the thoughts we think… Wait a minute. That’s right. We share our thoughts. We share stories and conversations. And they lead to something so much bigger, when we share a relationship.  

Sharing with Whom?

Let’s try to answer this question: People in our immediate contact – Home People around us – Community People in general – Society People and Animals around us – Habitat People, Trees, Animals and other living beings around us – Ecosystem People across the world – Planet Aliens and others (they just might exist and… Continue reading Sharing with Whom?


  Hi! We’re Randomly. That’s us. We are third year undergraduate students of Industrial Design Centre in the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay. That’s in Mumbai, India. This is our first blogpost… 5h 8m late? No worries. We do things Randomly, in style. Excited and ready to roll. So let’s go!!! 😀